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WARNING: Lethal Voltages!!

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
update 02-June-2024
- change bias meter to 20v
- change mA meter & 10x switch
- change bias pot circuit
- update voltage table
- add external bias V monitor
- add 230vac transformer option
- correct g2 switch wiring note
- add patch panel drawing
- add heater plate image


 • ieLogical Valve Tester Schematic 0.2.9 w Patch Panel & 230v transformer
 • Bottom & Front CAD [US]  • Top CAD [US]  • Bottom & Front CAD [metric]  • Top CAD [metric]
 • Switch Layout  • Wiring Sketch  • Socket Wiring  • Socket Wiring Rear
 • Part List [BoM] CSV <- valve sockets, AC inlet, feet, chassis and mounting hardware not included!
Adjust Valve Socket mountings accordingly.

NOTE: Unit uses EXTERNAL REGULATED 6.3VDC bench PSU heater supply, allowing variable input voltage with constant heater current.


DblHdNibbler HandNibbler StepDrills
The Double Head Nibbler makes short work of roughing out the meter holes which are finished with the Hand Nibbler. Step drills should be used in a drill press with material securely clamped. Associated tools like files, centre punch, soldering iron, good wire stripper, wrenches and pliers also required. This is NOT a recommended first DIY!


PCB available. 20 USD + postage. Contact via link at top or bottom of page.